i smear sagey hue on canvas near as tall
as me, squeegee heavy in both hands.
all across the surface we go. soon to dip
fingers heavy into blue–pull across, then
up and down at left edge.     rinse.       
        contemplate.      i sense the light lilac
of shaggy bees balm outside the window,
pour white, mix red and extra blue, bit
by bit til comfort sways. swipe this up
from bottom left to high right, think down
and back around. a triangle fills itself. a streak
of white appears, smiles. i add touches of red—
love-nature wishes with fingers leaving
prints. think yellow.     no, not for today.
i listen to quiet stirrings then chirps echo
from outside and green flutters dance
in my gut.     i destroy all.
another story to be told.