I have a tendency
to push myself too far
allow too much
march until I fall
tenacity is a positive until one realizes
I am not being the example I desire to be
I, at times, mock the self care enthusiasts
preferring to purchase a pair of shoes instead of hiding away
oh, I grab bits and pieces
hours here and there
but days, not so much
I cried this week at the self admittance
I struggle in not being perfectly capable of handling all things
yes, yes, I know
no one can
but life beckons and I hear the harmony
the voice singing underneath
lower and fuller and calling me to amplify by presence
join in, join in
and I realize
sometimes I cannot or rephrasing, should not
I don’t fall ill easily, except in my emotions
and today I am frail
weakened by more than I most likely realize
the world is screaming and so are the people I love, albeit they are quieter
I will relinquish, today
set time aside and go
release the realities I cannot control or need not
not comparing or punishing myself, only being true