I decided I needed a purpose,
A reason to get out of bed,
I considered joining the Peace Corps,
But opted for stalking instead.

I decided to become Patriarchy’s worst nightmare.

When he strolls into his living room,
Scratching his saggy sack,
He’ll find me sitting on his sofa,
Drinking his best bourbon,
And staring back.

Guess who? It’s me.
He’ll scream and try to flee.

Go on, run, you won’t get far,
I slashed all four tires on your car.
You can’t escape,
And there’s nowhere to hide,
I have a legion of sisters by my side…
And we will hunt you down and find you.

We’re not going back.

Patriarchy bolts for the door,
I knock him hard to the floor.

We will not let you take,
Everything we’ve fought for.

We’re not going back.

I put one boot on his heart,
The other on his part,
And calmly explain…

You can call me a bitch,
Declare me a witch,
Drag me from my bed at night
Try to take away my rights.

Fuck your cowardly repeal,
Our freedom is not your to steal.

We’re not going back.

And don’t dare call me a misandrist.
I adore real men,
Men who comprehend,
Mutual success,
And that my becoming more,
Doesn’t make them less.
Men who don’t feel the need to control,
My body, my mind, or my soul.

You are not a real man

He pisses himself and starts to cry
I look him even deeper in the eye

You cannot decide my fate,
My self-love runs deeper than your hate.

So, Patriarchy, let me be succinct,
You fear you are endangered,
I vow to make you extinct.

We are not going back.