I was born on the Yamamoto,
C-class Nudger in the Kuiper,
had my space legs at two–
still in a diaper.

Yamamoto nudged mid asteroids,
dense with mineral ore,
and patroled for pirates,
who were stealing more and more.

The mining ships staged closer in,
got more heat from the sun,
while we set rocks on new orbits
they had all the fun.

Deep in the Kuiper, you see,
entertainment’s in short supply–
Yamamoto‘s crew lost sight
of being human, by and by.

Our captain, last seen in 2219,
not needed to steer the ship,
they say stepped from an airlock saying,
“I’m going on a trip.”

I am grown now, The Dark
all I will ever see.
I think I’ll nudge us toward Ceres–
full thrust–and set Yamamoto free.