I sit with pen in hand legs crossed right hip silently nagging me about the 30+ years of fitness classes ‘listen to me damn it or I will nag you a bit harder’ I uncross my legs shifting weight side to side Unnoticed i believe by the others in the room Discomfort just moves to the back  Air is chilly as I force myself back on task from a mind wandering to work then home then my recently deceased mother to dog and then back to pen and paper all within a split second- is that 7 seconds in dog years? I am not sure  A quick thought of mortality as I feel the burns on my face from those nasty pre-cancer spots that seem to grow on me like mold on a mushroom  It is summer but it is spring but it is fall but it is summer it all happens in one day in Kentucky  Kentucky where I was born and where I am sure I will die  Ashes jammed into a Diet Coke can and tossed out the car window at 70mph on I-75 where I’ve spent most my life driving back and forth to school home caring for father then mother visiting sister wandering  Pen to paper back to the task at hand  Creating or just pulling thoughts like teeth from my head  Hip nags  I ignore  Pen to paper  Create damn it something thought provoking Too much glare in this room There is a hell it is here I see it everyday Actually I wish I had a Diet Coke right now Focus Focus Pen to paper  Create damn it Whats your problem I sure do miss my dog Its not fair when you meet your person when youre 15 Lifes not fair buttercup suck it up Get over it Jelly rolls Grandmother made those Focus Pen to Paper Create damn it something thought provoking