Shakey, Silver & Seven
Romana Place Pack,
we ran in gangs.
Ringing doorbells at apartments
on Elaine St.
running home to put on pj’s,
alibis in bed.
Jevenile jet set,
we were wild.
All three kids,
we cracked our noggins…
Ralph, snowball held high
turned to smack into a pole.
The Big Wheel Wagon parade
handle slam mishap 
got me 5 stitches.
Ryan, little Ryan’s sweet head
under the library bench
rushing to Children’s Hospital
blood on the seat.
Rachel Ann  (cuz I was Rachel
there couldn’t be two)-
her sister pierced her brother’s
ear with two cubes and a needle
right there in the kitchen.
Up on the hillside
the boys with their club house,
no girls allowed.
Catching Collette
with Jaylene without me
playing in her back yard
my heart feeling so crushed.
Stollen from city
My City
abandoned for farm life
Brown County.