Females of the Gym Rat species
can be identified by their brightly-colored,
skin-tight plumage and their seeming indifference
to the males who can be spotted
furtively glancing with wide open eyes
although some of the older
previously banded individuals
may try to avert their gaze
which can be difficult considering
the showy display of the females.
The males will typically stand facing
a mirror in full view of the females and lift
large weights to demonstrate their strength.
Some may even make grunting noises
to show the extreme effort required
to build such massive muscles.
Physiques built in this way
are believed to attract the female
of the species. Unfortunately, at some point,
the muscles become too large and prevent
the female Gym Rat from desiring
the over-developed male.
More studies are needed to ascertain
the success rate of these mating rituals.