I’ve developed an eye twitch every light looks like it’s flickering now it could be stress is what they told me probably not a brain tumor my body is compensating for every fear I’ve ever had the heart palpitations are preparing me to get out of here faster escape the situation that is putting me in danger how do you leave your own flesh if I keep asking the same questions enough I’ll find the reason for that mysterious pain google searching symptoms is not allowed what if it’s different this time that lump wasn’t there before I’ve been to four doctors in the past two months they could’ve missed something I’m not allergic to any medications that I know of my body temperature has risen one tenth of a degree for every time I’ve sought reassurance for the same abnormality I need to drink 32 more ounces of water today my right ankle makes a snapping noise with every other step I am too afraid to take pain relievers should I schedule another appointment just to be safe it hurts slightly differently than it did last time did I measure out my medication correctly when I swallow it feels like my throat is asymmetrical no I don’t know how to explain it why does it feel like I can’t breathe in all the way mom had colon cancer do you think every five years is often enough to get a colonoscopy what if the anesthesia doesn’t work this bruise is a different shade of blue than my other bruises the eye twitch is really starting to bug the hell out of me I can ask for reassurance one more time today what does it mean to survive if you aren’t living