I move
as in relocate my belongings
change my address
and all the rest which goes with it
therefore, I contemplate this evening
this place
my occupancy for four years
the first place I ever solely decided upon
      I leave here of my own accord
and strangely I leave few golden memories
sure, it’s suited me, provided for me, protected and shielded me
but it hasn’t been what I currently seek so I’ve found another
I’ll remember the moments, shared with those I love
rest during such difficult days
hours working from home
tiny joys and the deepest sadness
my life here became something difficult to describe
while not horrible, not ideal
I perhaps became lost within myself, within these gray walls
melancholy, dreary but not dark
a place where I learned to walk, then walk further until
I move
and I rejoice in that
hope, again