Sweetheart, you’ve been frightened 

enough already.  Don’t let anyone fool you.

Some of your biggest fears are dead

and buried; you can breath easier now.

Take slow deep breaths in, 

slow deep breaths out.

Never has anyone worked so hard

to protect me.  Granted, you did need eyes,

ears, nose and skin; yes, the heart helped too. 

But you’re the gal with the oldest job

tucked away in the tiniest cubical.

The strain’s been a bit much for you, I know.

We’ve been close these years; I feel your pain. 

People say you need a vacation

and, while I agree, I’m not confident I can

do without you.  But it would be nice,

a little distraction, don’t you think?  Amy, look!  

Out there!  A squirrel jumping from limb 

to limb!  See how it stops

and gazes back.



Idea from http://neurosciencenews.com/memory-fear-breathing-5699/