Daughter of air, Goddess of Heavens
Mother of Music, Magic, and Smithing  

Tired of wind and bored
of counting rainbows,
Ilmatar invited a duck to lay
seven cosmic eggs at her feet.  

Under elm tree, Ilmatar sat still,
cradling cosmic eggs on her lap
until her legs tingled and numbed.  

Needing to stretch,
she risked disturbing
cosmic eggs that tumbled
down the lawn and into the pond
where delicate shells cracked
on surface of  water.  

Whites became the moon.
Yolks emerged as sun.
Fragments transformed as stars.  

Universe created, delighting Ilmatar,
she finally gave birth. Mother
of music and magic, impregnated
by wind, creator of the majestic
when one ripple disturbs the pond.    

Eat eggs. Invite ducks.
Evoke spirit of creation.