There ain’t nothing in the life of a child
Quite like a mamaw
Nana, granny, meemaw, mimi, grandma;
All words that share one meaning: joy  

A mamaw is all the things that your
Mom won’t allow
Staying up late; midnight cookies and
Laughter that doesn’t end   

She is life lessons; learning the old ways
Canning and creating
Hands wrinkled and lined with years of
Diligent hardworking traditions  

Making a poultice when you’re sick
Wrapped in itchy blankets
A hot toddy, strong and steaming
Loving and tender words  

Butterscotch candies at the bottom of a purse
Passed out at church
A Thanksgiving dinner gathered at the old
Scarred up table in the kitchen  

There ain’t nothing like a mamaw
In the life of a child
What any of us wouldn’t give
For just one more minute