Here’s to the long days
To the games played
To the late nights
The internal fights

Here’s to the freezing rains
To the heat daze
To the miles logged
To the sweat fogs

Here’s to the one mores
To the “I’m sore”s
To the goals set
And the ones met

Here’s to the battles lost
And the personal costs
To try to be great
On the last home straight

Here’s to the high fives
And the swan dives
To the tears cried
And the hills climbed

Here’s to the weight lifts
And the sand pits
To the wind sprints
And the friendships

Here’s to forgetting the clock
To the muscles in shock
To the crowd’s chants
And the side cramps

Here’s to forgetting “me”
When the goal’s about “we”
Here’s to chasing the dream
Here’s to my team.