I don’t care about your religion.
   (I take that back)
I care exactly as much about yours as you care about mine  
Here’s mine:
Einstein proved there was God in 1905
Only I know
   (Not even he understood)
Now you will, too
The proof is the quanta
   (but he didn’t call it that)
Irreducible energy packet
   (energy equals mass times God’s Constant squared)                                                                                                             (speed of light)
God’s Artifact
    (It doesn’t matter how the packet was created)
   (the big bang is irrelevant)
But I could be wrong
  (end of mine)
Notice the big difference between mine and yours
   (I could be wrong)  

Everyone has a Godplay running in their head
   Please God, If I
         a)      Don’t get fired
         b)     Don’t get AIDS
         c)      Make it to Pittsburgh
         d)     Find she loves me
         e)     Just get out of this
         f)       Don’t die here

   And I
        a)      Toe this line
        b)     Perform this ritual
        c)      Make this sacrifice
        d)     Kill these people  

   You will
       a)      Save me
       b)     Provide eternal paradise
       c)      Cough up the 72 virgins
       d)     Let me come back as a vulture

   I will
       a)      Never do it again
       b)     Love You
       c)      Worship You

I do, too
Even though I look with open eyes and know that God doesn’t care about me
   (ask the fly in the web)
   (ask the pig on your plate)
I’m not even sure God cares about life
   (We might be contaminating Its’ experiment)
But I don’t believe that
   (Darwin’s genius)
How else did we come to perceive this beauty?
   (this horror)
My granddaughter will probably have to become a cyborg
   (compete, eat)
Biology manipulated to accept silicon intelligence
Luckily, her offspring will be made without that pain
   (horribly)     (bird genes increase neuron density)
   (hyena genes to keep thin)
          (compete, eat)
Unless that repressive philosophy wins
   (two choices proving God doesn’t care about me)
       (and lending credence to our being a virus in It’s system)