my heart still skips a beat 
even after all these years
every now and then
the broken rhythm of our love song

white hair now
shimmering like the lace wedding dress
you don’t remember me wearing
but I’ll do the reminiscing
for the both of us

these chairs
a familiar faded tan
safe space
you used to be my
safe space
but these cushions are softer
than your arms
and they never turn me away
or forget my name

Bangles play today
your eyes will light up
with the T.V.
like they haven’t done for me

but love
even as you forget
the moments we had together
I will hold us together
through T.V. dinners and hours of silence
wiped chins and endless football matches
I will love you even when
you can no longer say the words
I’ll put my ivory lace
to your face
and kiss us beautiful
and safe again