Two weeks have slipped away
Since last your voice
Tumbled through my eardrum
Mentioning how
You’re off on Tuesdays
How we need to meet
On a park bench
On a skyscrape
For what?

If anyone you call an angel
Brings daylight to your life
I am eclipsed
Relegated back to polar nights
In arctic cells.
Forget any memory built
When splitting bottles of wine
Or opportunities coming
In milestone celebrations.

All I am to you is
A couple numbers on a clock
The X on your calendar

Still I would love
Every minute of myself
Given to you, but I won’t
Unless I had a promise from you
To be remembered
Like on a day like today
Off on Tuesday

Oh, but when we finally meet again
We could fall back in so easily
If I let it happen.
Just wish you could recognize
That ability to forgive
Is the same as love.