Two old friends came
To visit this evening 
One, returned with a worn hug
With tears behind a smile
The other, a familiar hitch in my chest
Named Ol’ Anxiety, that comes from dread
Because I knew I couldn’t 
Save her heart the ache
Looming in the words
“We’re getting a divorce.” 

There’s no amount of hugging 
Sarcasm, or cheesecake 
To fix any sort of brokeness 
Such as the loss 
Of life of your love 
Especially the only love 
You’ve ever known 

Instead I just offer 
A few nods and back pats
Over a cheeseburger 
Reminding her that this 
Really isn’t the end, 
While memories of my own divorce 
Flashed through my head
While picking at a blanket 
As we snuggled 
“This too shall pass….”
I say
I just don’t know when.