I learned of your death today
Surprised, I am sad
because you died  

I am not sad for your work, directing and teaching, young actors, playwrights,
writing plays, a couple of novels, a memoir,
finishing a new play on JFK, his death, one of your obsessions  

I am sad no,
by another obsession  

Great actor training guru, preying on young female actors,
discussing their acting skills, utilizing power, luring them
into your lair of seduction and command  

Your late spouse endured your dalliances, lies,
persistent narcissistic preoccupation.
You closed out those who cared for you  

I am saddened for a period of your life
when you irreparably damaged
and damned young lives  

And you said you were threatened 
by a young schoolboy
who told you to leave his mother alone