Old runner
chases youth
passes familiar trees
bearing new rings 
old runner cannot see

Old runner watches
youth sprinting in the distance
and loses sight of speedy blurs
when the trail bends
beneath the sunlit canopy
old runner seeks in late morning miles

Old runner quickens pace
to race youth
youth disappears
under highway bridge shadows
growing darker when horns blare from above
old runner hears these in the distance
and wishes they were closer

Old runner’s skin glistens
with salty sweet sweat
resting on her body
streaking fresh tanned skin
from work 
that was once not labor
and served as rebirth
for old runner

Old runner’s breath slows steady
knowing that the youth ahead
is quick
and old runner
can no longer be

Old runner
now the tall sage
with extra rings
lining her eyes
near the corners of her mouth
on her finger
on the trail that 
hers now theirs