she and he,
a drop of rain,
feel trickles, inter-
mittent, beads like a
ball of sweat on an anxious
brow, or is it a tear? falls to earth,
originates crisp headwaters on the
high plateau, finds fissures, ancient folds
of smooth grey matter, pools and waits, puddles
up, begins to flow, fingers tingle, rivulets gain steam 
to crest with each adjoining stream, two figures lean
and yearn, rapids churn through narrow twists of chasmic
gorges, plummet over cataracts, shifting boulders, carving
bedrock, craving oceans, spill profuse in volume 
to that fertile delta, the confluence of
consciousness, her wild
river, he dives into,
does boil, sizzle,
a lightning
bolt, fire,