Sitting on a bench donated by the neighborhood association for the enjoyment of all
A solo bench refuge next to an ebullient brook
                             relieved to have water carrying her tales down stream

Three tall Northern California Redwoods stand abreast extending their arms
across the water
Hard to believe I can sit here for free

The tall boys trio harmoniously play hide & seek with a peek-a-boo sun
                             as a light breeze whispers ‘everything’s all right’

City’s armored crust begins to crack and crumble
like a chameleon mood ring my colors change from red-crimson
                             ‘fight or flight’
to cool pale green          reassuring
                             my heart,
                                    my pace, 
                                           my place,
like a carpenter’s plumb bubble floating
                            mid-range ~ spirit level

My breath comes in on left over tears ~ reminders of my first car’s
early morning coughs and spits
                  ‘pull out choke ~ give it a little gas ~ clutch shift first’

For now I sit on the bench dedicated for the enjoyment of all

In the soothing company of three tall boys
                   distant birds cry as sun shafts slide over a lone poised fern

I stand and Madame Sun wraps her arms around the three tall boys
bathing me in late afternoon light.