The average woman eats anywhere from 4-9 pounds of lipstick in her lifetime.

I still wear red lipstick because she loved me in it.

Taylor Swift sang about her “red lip classic thing,” but more often she wears a pinky nude.

It may shock you to know that Taylor did not write all her songs.

For every song that a writer sells, there are 1,000 songs that go nowhere.

Lennon/McCartney cowrote “Nowhere Man,” and the band sang in harmony.

Harmony was a result on my StregthsFinder test, which means that I hear multiple perspectives to avoid conflict.

When my plans conflicted with our relationship, I took the easy way out and moved to Arkansas.

Arkansas is what’s called a red state.

The most famous red lipstick shade is Ruby Woo by MAC.

I wooed her without any makeup; I left her and it took years for us to make up.

The average woman will spend approximately a year and a half single when a relationship ends.