i don’t understand 
you all want me to tell the truth 
but when i do you all yell at me 
and call me a liar, 
call me names so degrading 
that the devil himself begins to weep for me 
and take pity on me, 
he leaves me to the angels 
that i cannot see 

i lie cradling myself 
in the dark 
in the silence 
my tears forming a pillow to comfort my head 
as i lie under my bed 
covering my mouth,
closing my eyes
out of the fear of being heard 

i get up and run 
to the outside 
for a fresh breathe of air 
and sprawl out onto the edge ledge of my house 
with hopes of rolling off 
and falling into the flowers 
but i can’t 
for i’ll crush the fireflies
and burn out the stars
forcing the angels to leave me all alone

even though i’m surrounded by the things that i love
i know that they don’t love me
won’t ever love me 
and that’s all that i need
is their love
which is seemingly too much to ask for