We had many comings and goings at 2938.

The time 5 year old Ricky jumped naked from the tub
to see who rang the bell and met Barbara
our teenaged older brother’s heartthrob.

The time Keith rang the bell to tell Mama
that 12 year old Ricky lay on the road
where a car threw him 10 feet in the air.

The time the milkman stopped mid whistle
as he saw the coon curled by the
milk box hesitating to deliver our milk and eggs.

The time the police brought our older soldier 
brothers home drunk from partying their 
reunion after ‘Nam.

The time Fritz got loose
but came running back with his eye
popped out as we rushed him to the vet.

The time I tried to talk my Man to Do It
on that porch late at night
after too much booze but he chickened out.
Thank God!

The time you cooked a culinary delight
to introduce our folks 5 months before
we tied the knot.

The time we brought baby Heather
home to be baptized at the church
where we wed.

The time I moved in with our 3 month old
and 2 year old while you began a new job
out of state till you found us a place.

That was the last time we crossed 
that porch…Mom and Dad moved
on to Florida and a new chapter.