i am a tree with no roots.
i bask in the sunshine,
but when strong winds blow,
i reach down deep for 
a balance i cannot find.

i am no longer fixed 
to the land where i was raised,
and though i’ve sought shelter
in another far too many times,
my own soft soul is
my only true home.

i am a rudderless boat,
my bearings lost long ago on a fickle sea.
i squint into salt spray for the shoreline,
wonder how i’ve come so far.
not aimlessness that brought me here,
just my spinning-compass heart.

is it too late now–
with my teetering babel tower
rising up, built with so much 
care and hope–
to backtrack and pour
a foundation?

how to even start…
I will dig My toes in deep
to grip a loamy constancy.
I will grow roots, seek water,
and where I find it, 

I will drop My anchor here
while time still stretches
out before Me in waves,
We old dogs can learn
new tricks. We lack only
the audacity.