I transplanted a few flowers rescued from the boxstore’s neglected—

two lanky brown-edged lavenders, two leucanthemum (picture 

five inches tall, daisy blossoms that needed dead heading)—

in midday exhausting heat because I had neglected 

to do so earlier in the morning. They needed roots 

planted in cooler soil to thrive. Sweat drenched, 

I came in and stripped my clothes to cool off. 

Then I saw rain move into the subdivision behind my garden, 

a very unusual direction. Mr. Man still mowing the lawn 

as this unpredicted rain swirled toward us.

I sat on the back patio and felt the rain from both directions, 

saw Harmony nesting out of the rain, and felt the temperatures drop

thirteen degrees. As the rain let up, an ice cream truck 

sang “Sailing Sailing” in the hills, sang sailing in the hills. 

Mr. Man, finished mowing and soaking wet, joined me.