On the Porch With Mother Earth

Look upon these skies                                                                                    
                    see the blue                                                                                    
                    watch the clouds                                                
bellow with the wind…                                    
Feel the earth                                    
beneath your feet                                                                                    
                     solid and true…                                    
walk with these trees                                    
feel them breath in                                                
                      what you breath out.                                      

Man is but a flicker                                    
in the cycle of life                                                
                         we have dominion                                    
over it all…                                    
Our power can preserve                                                
                         or destroy                                    
with whim or folly.                                                                          

                          Listen to the birds                                                                                    
                          and squirrels                                                 
                          rolic in the rain                                    
or hide beneath the leaf                                    
of a great old oak.                                      

Thunder rolls                                    
and lightening                                    
pierces the horizon                                                 
                       with jagged bolts
                       of unharnessed glory.  

                       What a wonder this place            
                        we call home.                

Tony Sexton