My God
is bigger than my church
and for this
I am grateful.

Although I have longed
to commune with friends again
and missed the congregations
I used to pray beside

and my voice has begun to itch
to join in hymns of praise,
giving glory to God
for all He has given me

and my soul yearns
for the Blessed Sacrament,
Christ’s love outpoured
in bread broken and shared,

I realize I have been blessed
With knowledge and awareness
that God’s infinite love
cannot be capped with a steeple.

I have been granted faith
and hope in His grace
that in this desperate time
we have not been forgotten.

I know that He watches us.
He knows how we’re in mourning,
believer or not,
however these trials affect us.

I believe that even though
the usual channels are closed,
God’s love continues to flow
through this ailing world.

I believe that as a man of God,
my relationship to Him
is my responsibility to maintain
and it shouldn’t break without a church.

I believe that it is my duty as a Christian
to find these new ways of love,
to receive and reflect
God’s goodness to those around me.

And I believe I can do all this
from the comfort of my own home,
that by keeping my heart open
God will reveal Himself to me.

The church is nice and I miss it,
but I know it’s safer without it for now.
I also know God’s love is still infinite
as long as I choose to receive it.