–       For our new home, 2022 

(Man Enters, Stage Right)

a stranger in a strange land
of carpets needing washed,
walls begging paint,
local spirits whispering


wicker at my back, metal beneath
aching arms, a chair, a seat, left for me
in an otherwise empty shed,

                                                    my eyes peer
over the edge, the landscape:  Grey wood—
so much room, so much space
to paint in all the colors
of intent;

A yard, bare of flowers, but asking where
they’ve gone, where I wish them
to return. 

I waft smoke and magick, a flourish
room to room, space to liminal


Here, there be possibilities.
Here, there be renewal.

Hear—the hot, scratchy, silent, but
bellowing breath of dragons
blowing across a naked deck,

                                                      saying, asking, 

Welcome, Druid.  Welcome, Family.
   What kingdom have you come
                     to build?