Silent steps upon cold floor
Screaming shouts
Slicing the night.

I see you standing
Before mirror reflection
I reach to you. 

Touching only your depiction
One hundred mirrors reflecting 
Your vanishing complexion.

I search for you
I shout for you
I scream for you. 

One Hundred mirrors echo    
One Hundred mirrors echo
One Hundred mirrors echo

I see your depiction
In mirror reflection. 

You search for me
You shout for me
You scream for me.

I see you standing

With outstretched hand 

Streams of shattering 

One hundred mirrors 

Scattering glass 

Alone in the darkness
and haze
you stand.

Moon light reflecting 

I step

Glass crunching

I step

I reach for you

I softly embrace
Your innocent face.

Peering into
Blue eyes reflecting:

One hundred generations 
One hundred vanishing complexions. 

I reach for them
Touching each one

On Your beautiful face 
A perfect complexion. 


In my grandparents house were many mirrors. I guess my grandmother liked how it made the small rooms feel bigger. I had a dream awhile ago that my son woke up in the night and wondered off. I went looking for him and found him in my grandparents old house but the house had became a mirror maze. We could both see and hear each other but were separated by the hundreds of reflections that stood between us.