Sitting in your backyard is magical
Nothing but birdsong and rustling leaves
Swaying in the casual breeze
Oh, and the thrum of your AC unit
Routinely visiting in five minute intervals

If I transform into a statue, the scene changes
Wasps canvas emaciated, wooden patio chairs
Mosquitos land on my unguarded legs and ravage them
The subsequent pockmarks swelling into rosy birthmarks
A chunky groundhog emerges from your scrap heap
Keeping tabs on me as it surveys
The empty field ahead, empty
Save for the abundance of weeds
Which have grown long and wild since the last cut
An adolescent rabbit sits nervously, about two arms length away
Its approach completely silent and unnoticed
Snout working overtime, twitching
As if attached to an electrical node
The birds lose interest and go about their day

Except for one, who refuses to shut up
Perched above taut telephone wire
Her warbles dominate the scene’s soundtrack
She doesn’t like cut of my jib, I can tell
Letting her kin know to steer clear
Perhaps it’s her nature to be suspicious
Just like it’s mine
To assume that everything revolves around me