Love it when I see a girl like her
Walk into the room
Who shares her magnificent slender shape
Exuding femininity in rose blushed cheeks
With dark hair cut short, black glasses or no.
The rush always hits me hard,
Just one moment I wonder
Could it really be her?

I remember her beauty so very well
Made me go blind unto the world
Especially in the photo of her in a flower bed,
Daffodils had nothing to say.

But it never really hit me
How caught up I was in the charm of her
Until I heard a voice just like hers
From an unexpected source
Speaking lighter fluid on the flame,
My pining for her,
An attraction that grew into
Attachments I hold so dear,
Being able to say that for the briefest of moments
Beyond the initial shock of identity
That I did love her with all of my heart.
But I know how radical that is.

To the giants who share my blood
And the way I used to think
Let this be the new voice of judgment.
Nothing is going to change this change
So you might as well accept
I love pink lipstick smiles
I love short skirt struts
High heels highly appreciated
If no one admits the appeal
Of a girl, beautiful
Challenging social norms
And being who she was meant to be.
Perhaps I should say hello

Because I’m in love with saying
I’m in love with her.
I don’t care what anybody else says
Because I am my own man
This was my romance and
Even as we have parted, I hope and pray
That she will be happy always,
For it is the least that she deserves.