Grandparents already 

have succumbed.
The mother tree
is holding on to life
and masting.
A small seed the size
of a thumbnail.
Sprouted in February 
and nursed into life.
Tender under grow lights 
in the basement.
Castanea Dentata
American Chestnut 
Planted and growing
in Meadowthorpe.
It will get the blight 
it will die.
The tree’s name is Wendell 
and perhaps, being isolated
in downtown Lexington
It will outlive me.
Maybe it will flower
even reproduce
We will care for it
while we can,
as best we know how,
our one of a kind.
* Some ask why we put so much effort into raising something
that’s just going to die. I don’t really have an answer for that.
I’m not sure anybody does.