My favorite orienteer presents
a welcome off-topic question
in the undissolving
of my pain over things
I can’t control-

If you could replace the faces on our currency (for some clear cut reasons) what would you replace them with?

                              [Small brainstorm]

                              Animals teaching
                              home economics
                              and basic math and science.


Care Bears
                              Awww. I love it, Tenderheart!!

Totally… no sex, no race, all the colors, each one an aspect of a positive emotion

                              You’re so cute. I love you.

And making it rain…. joy, happiness, love, kindness, tenderness, bravery etc etc

I like the idea of throwing them on money to remind all the adults about the simple wonderful things of life we tend to forget

                              [The Care Bear Stare Gifs]

                              So when I was 5
                              I flew to Disney, Cali.
                              I have been reminded many times
                              I spent most of the flight
                              looking hard at all the clouds
                              searching for Care-A-Lot.

That’s awesome.

                              I’m teary RN.

                              I know. How sweet.

Do you think you ever stopped looking?

                              I didn’t have to keep looking,
                              I am Care-A-Lot.


sometimes an orienteer
and a jester
and a King
resemble one ranger.


Confession: Three storms are in
and out of my horizon. I call them natural.
One Anger. One Baffling. One Familial.
I tell him I know they are not endless.

Before the moment passed, he says:
Don’t tell that to the Big Red Spot in Jupiter.
That’s the Honey Badger of storms.
And our whole planet can fit neatly inside of it.


Most journeys
are made thru a few
turbulent skies.


Delight is medicinal.

The Universe is made of stardust,
emptiness, storms, planets, and delight.