Last year, I stumbled through my mind
And contemplated human kind.
Down the halls and up the stairs,
On I wandered, unawares.
But something did avert my gaze
A door shone through the misty haze
As plain as day, a rainbow hue.
Was it there a week? A year, or two?
Had I seen this door before?
Yes! Wait, no, I can’t be sure.
Dare I take a look inside?
I did suspect, but not confide
I was too scared to clear my eyes. 
Then, later, I did decide
If I would suspect, I must confide.
I stole myself and took a peek.
At first, a shock! My knees felt weak!
But then I looked around some more,
And found a home I had ignored.
I must have known, somewhere inside,
Someday I would not want to hide.
All these things that I forgot
All I said that I was not,
I kept them here, all safe and sound,
Stockpiled high and tightly bound.
I got to work and aired it out,
Cleared the cobwebs spun with doubt.
How good it felt to bring to light
That which I thought I had to fight.
There’s much to see that, to be sure,
No one has ever seen before!
How nice it is to see it here,
The proof, it seems, that I am queer!