its continuity silent and still,
the earth has remained spinning in the absence
of our realization.

a year later, we gaze back up
at the same facet of this same sun,
back to the place where twelve new moons ago
we lost familiarity and traded it for something else, something
they told us we would never be able to define with our words
so what’s it worth to even try to write about it?

in the time that moon takes to be full we became the stars
encircling it, not forgetting
there is no shortage of stars in this sky,
only those hidden in the streetlamps, like moths
come to become indistinguishable in swarm
at the first magnetic glimpse of false light.

Or, i was the only one who forgot
to forget the truth, the one who learned how to learn
instead of being taught how to think,
starlight caught up in the interplanetary storm,
soul reaching out to the endless space.