Casual Thoughts During Court’s Recess

My peers, most
Parts of me have fled
with press of gravity’s thrust and brevities.

Times I ran from task to task
heart sang,
feet flew,
hands deft,
Mind clear as an earth born stream.
from its rock rimmed cleft.
God and nature reside on opposite side,
One forgives, the other creeps and steals
What’s best from His beloved creatures,
Image made with his forgiving will.

Nature leaves so little and first I saw some less,
Skin slipped under cruel duress,
Heart beat uncertain,
Liver dodgy,
Covid left the hair a mess.

Ah, but the worst is coming now apace
The lack of friend or loving grace. Age
Wicked enemy, masks me from sweet mankind,
Now a bearer of contagion and maligned.
Unclean, unclean I should cry as feet tremble
to find my steady step.

Back away, I am deadly truth that you
will too become as what you see.

Where is God in all of this opinion unkind, unfair,
What side does he defend for me in a losing battle
As the curse of age creeps to my last death rattle?
Ah it is a mystery yet unfound, we must wait and swear
To find someday the end of such fright, despair.
His promises flit from dream to dream and sprinkle
Exemption, redemption, a blessed ascension.

Meanwhile please I say, where is my wheel’ed chair?

Ahem, lady now is time for Order in the Court.