This judge was only reversed once in 20 years. 

Jury Instructions

Not a one of them smiled when
The dreaded summons came.
Drug their feet and shuffled in,
Mad as hell like the fabled hen.

Drawn from the wheel, just
Plain bad luck they deemed.
Inconvenient demand on time
And trouble for them it seemed.

Judge smiled and said his piece.
Duty here is a blessed gift, little
We ever do to earn or deserve
Our place in this blessed world.

Seldom is your chance to serve
Our nation, best on all this earth.
Pay your taxes, obey the laws,
Jury duty to judge or find just cause.

Some uniformed youth go to war,
But most of us sidle by scot free.
This court, so few days, scarce rare path
To give back for all your liberty.

No excuses are countenanced this day,
Teachers however can choose to go or stay.
There’s no substitute for a good teacher
Be it merchant, miner or Sunday preacher.
All the rest welcome, you’ll hear, ponder,
Test to find the truth of guilt or innocence.

Few there were who did not feel shamed
To feeling somewhat or duly righteous.
Judge’s court rarely crossed, never blamed
Proceeds with duty, honor, within the law.

Brag they would in days to come of service
In this man’s court. It mattered not to them
That the order first was met with curses.
All’s well that ends well, justice reimburses.

Order in the Court.