[Going back one step
Missed a day somehow.
New site scrambles me yet.]

Back to our court’s summer session.
Arrested for selling with no license,
Mag sits glum as a broken thumb.

Poor defense. She’s guilty as sin.
Why break the law so openly?
She does trespass again and again.

Judge, Mag holds it is her rightful
Choice to keep the kids off 119.
Home is dry as a preachers glass,
Bell runs wet as floods in April.

Draws all sorts over the snaky curves
Seeking to drench sorrows and such.
Man will be to drink, cars will be to swerve.

Along with all the good this woman,
Sneaky as a ferret, pulls off under cover
Of night to right things after threat or omen.

Why judge she is a one man force for good,
Saved a many of us from mangled steel
Smacked around a tree or down a rocky cliff.

Silence fell.
Case dismissed.
The judge surmised a truth.
Beer might draw his own boy
Down that road like a forbidden toy

Who knew she would be lauded, praised
Long after her short time living down here?
Judge, wise, let this hero or villain case
Rest for divine providence to weigh and trace.
Order in the court, Mary Lou, next case.