This was among my dreams during the night. After the dogs got me up. After I finally summoned sleep from the dust under the bed. We walked out of the building. Not holding hands yet. Got separated by some folks coming up the walk. I saw you turn toward the playground. You were out of sight by the time I followed. The parkway was rich with trees that shattered the afternoon light. Thick privets were interrupted by river quarried rock walls and fading gray driveways. I knew where I’d find you. Which swing your legs would push higher and higher as you laughed. Instead you stepped away from a wall and spun me around and pushed my back to the stones while your body pressed against me and your mouth opened over mine with a heart full of hunger behind it and our hands were tree limbs moving everywhere in the gale that sprang from us. We moved apart. Held hands. Headed toward the swings to pretend we were children. I’m glad the dogs didn’t wake me again until morning.