An old Pawpaw tree stands below the slope
overlooking Owsley resivor.  

Here it waits for morning sun to glisten
over eastern cedar roof shingles in cotton candy streams.

Watching for the kayakers to grace distant narrow knobs
with their zippered jackets, capped locks, and cushioned arches.

It’s golden leaves dancing to the waltz of steady marching feet,
elongated paddles, and accompanying life vests

unaware of those who were here before
but for the inscriptions carved along its gray trunk. 

Here the tree stands solitary and firm
the grief and delightful journey of many show
on its uncommonly protruding tap roots

The scars of life; the hopeful dreams of years forgotten
All who pass the tree, even the lonely blue crane,
are subject to seasons arbitration

health may wain, but story linger here firm
embossed in the dark wrinkles of the tree’s ripened custard fruit 

Unfolded blade declared young love a year before the road was paved
A name added to the long accounting written in awkward script  
leaves twirl and welcome new declarations for all eternity to see

Maroon blossoms long to collect bits of wisdom
and burst open as moments are recorded
from those who can’t resist

None of us has resided here long enough to know of the tree’s origins Racoons, opossums, gray squirrels, and birds have all forgotten

its sleepy, drooping, pyramid shape hobbled to phase and season quietly balance our erratic joys, struggles, regrets, and sorrows 

Alone at the edge of the sparcely graveled walkway it waits for companionship-
the wound of life, the portal of spirit, the awakening of moment

like me, it waits for when this time slows, no longer needing the steady achievement and accounting

for when wonder returns, the sun heats our chest, and thoughts shift once again towards ponder

here it waits for evening sun to shadow our insanity and all our restlessness
-for azure canvas to again be painted auburn and red and fall behind the western pinnacle.

God’s old Pawpaw tree stands below the slope overlooking Owsley resirvor where it waits for tomorrow.