Our mind paints the perfect version of them

A detailed piece mistaken for one of Picasso’s

The bright blue skies and yellow sun

Their wavy brown hair and sea foam green eyes

A laugh that could make the whole world smile

And a hand created specifically for mine


But our hearts know what is the truth

That sometimes it’s grey skies and rain

Salty tears and no hand to hold

Our hearts are like the parents

And our brain is the child

Even though our heart knows the truth

It won’t shatter our imagination

It will let us dream and hope

But it will build a few white fences

To keep us safe.

It will be there with a band-aid ready to go

For when we get hurt


Because we are taught through lessons

What love should be

But only lessons that pertain to us,

We cannot appreciate the sun

Without having the rain

And we can’t learn to appreciate the rain

Until we realize we can dance through the storms