The parasitic worm is not found
until he decides to leave,
to remove himself
from the specimen
he tortured.

Day in,
day out,
he eats away
at flesh,
that is burning
from the words
of the outside world.

Quality is no concern
for he was born within the landfill.
And as he hollows out his victim,
he is ready to make his home.

He leaves the carcass,
veins strung around his neck like a medal.
He smiles as the slave collapses,
knowing that his return 
will be greeted
with open arms.

He slithers to his return,
showered by his own confidence,
ready to nap in the hollows of the rib cage
he left
so many months ago.

As he sees his human standing upright,
he crusts to the concrete.

He never saw a point in eating the heart.