I get nervous when the dogs
bite ate each other’s faces
and I’m nearby, on the couch
watching tv. They snap their little 
boney teeth and growl
and I know one day,
soon probably, they’ll bite me.
They won’t be able to stop either and they’ll devour 
my head before they 
get full or caught.
It’s not that they’re bad dogs
either! No!
In fact, they’re good because I tell them 
this all the time.
Theyyyy know.
And I doubt they’ll get any death
sentence though. Some
people on a message board will
say I had it coming.

The dogs though.
They will need time to readjust.
Get some pills, straighten out, put the visions
of their master’s headless body (all bent up
mid-writhe) behind them. Forget 
what red means. Flinch above snow crunching.
They’ll get a new life on a microfarm or a place
with a bigger yard, softer bed, maybe a pool, people food,
and there they will try and do the motions 
of living a life where dog guilt ruins
their very dog existence every day.