I’ve already done paid,
They have my money,
And I have to be
At work at 6.  

Have you lived in Frankfort
All your life?
I came here after my
Husband got out
Of the service.  

No, you can only have
A license in one
State at a time.
Sorry about that.    

Don’t go to Cuba for the food. 
The only food is in Havana.
If you want to eat Cuban food
Go to Miami.     

Oh, he has to take
His permit test.
They stop giving the test
At 3 but at least we can
Do the paperwork.  

I got off work and was stuck
In the traffic from that
Overturned semi
For three hours.
I haven’t slept yet.  

And none of the houses
In Cuba are in good condition
Because as soon as someone
Fixes up their house
The government takes it.  

I need to take
The written test.
My license is expired.
By two years.
I never noticed.  

They only give people
Food tickets for 18 days
To last for 30.
They have to buy them
On the black market.
That’s illegal.
That’s how the
Government gets them.  

Could we try using
That machine?
You think my documents
Are what’s causing the glitch?
You see me and you think,

Did you study for your test?
-I tried to.
You tried to?
-I tried to read the book.
Well, that counts.
-I just skimmed the parts  
About motorcycles.  
I don’t drive a motorcycle.  

You have the option to leave.
-But my license is expired,  
And I have to go to  
Work at 6.  

I’ve been there several times
On a religious visa.
They watch you
To make sure
You don’t disparage
The government.  

Look at the blue dot.
Make a neutral face.
Don’t smile or frown. 
We’ll retake it.  

I’m ready to tell you
My opinion
On this process.