Perfect courtesy
is a mandate
And I still grumble when my wife asks me
to pick up dirty clothes
or when my daughter says:
“Daddy, read another!”
I treat strangers just fine
It’s my family’s heart I put on the line

Perfect courtesy, Paul?
Three kids, no spouse
and I still disrespect my mom
She forged my will in iron
It’s her fault I have the heart of a lion
Can’t be offended by a neighbor,
this woman gave her life to raise me
and I’ve made her think I hate her

This priest cloak cloaks my bruises
Forgetting what my King said
My amnesia keeps growing
The Kingdom belongs to the least of us
I know where Pharisees are going

I forget

where i was found
a tax collector
beating my breast
can’t lock eyes with Heaven
have mercy on me,
a sinner

i met my Lord there,
bread and drink in hand
Perfect Courtesy