I have unpacked this memory and
strapped it across my chest hundreds of times
Over the years to keep me from goin under. 

Although it was summer, there was a
Slight nip to the air, the sun had clocked out
Moon arriving to work the night shift

Side by side, fingers laced together, we began
Our trek across the empty golf course
Pizza in tow, crickets thundering in our ears

Our destination, a putting green, spread out
Across the edge of a cliff like a picnic blanket
Majestic Ohio river gently creeping below

Lights along the river twinkling like fireflies
Dancing in a jar, a lone boat becomes a snail
Traveling the long river line in slow motion

The stillness in the air wraps around us
There is no need to talk, we already
Know this is where we are supposed to be.

We eat, we kiss, we watch, we breathe.  

Trekking back across the rolling hills
Toward the 4 door powder blue sedan
A lone bat swooshes between us and
Loops up and over the silhouette of the trees.

It’s a shame that you don’t know how many
Times this memory has saved me from
Drowning in a pool of life’s hardships.  

Perhaps I will gather the courage to tell you.
Maybe I just did.