Little pickling cukes, all wrinkled and covered in warts
like wicked witch noses.
Frilly dill fronds
and a teaspoonful of its oblong black seeds
to fill you with love.
One teaspoon of fenugreek,
ochre-colored and pungent,
to make that love grow and heal mistrust.
One teaspoon filled with tiny spheres of yellow and black;
mustard seeds to bring good luck.
Another teaspoon of cumin seeds
for faithfulness and fidelity.
A sprinkle of the brightest sunshine yellow turmeric
for prosperity in our lives.
6 cloves of pale, ghostly, slices of garlic,
a palm full of peppercorns,
and one single bay leaf
to protect the home we’ve built together.
I know the vinegar burns your eyes,
and clouds your head,
but I hope that it clings to every corner
and fills every crevice of this house,
and banishes every little thing that haunts us.