Somewhere far away but close to home
Did your heart escape, did you let it grow?
Gardens neglected will often weep
Well-gardened hearts are hard to keep

So it went
Seems as if hustle turned to puzzle
Crash-course-life, failed to clip my buckle
Driver wreaks of whiskey, I’m sober seeing double
Night the sky, speckled with candles
Ride or drive, one hand on the handle

I don’t remember names or faces
Clear nights filled
with missing pages
Desolate valleys, bustling soirees
Desperate gambling, hustling croquet

They told me so, so they told me
you can’t bribe a child to listen
Time doesn’t slow, only moves slowly
Will you tell me, I’ll tell you, tell us
Now what should time do?

Windy days, time fades
Good days are dusk, rarely ever dawn
This trail I’m stuck, forever gone
Find the false in a promise
Lying truths are Satan’s profit
Check your knowledge, check your wallet