Pine Mountain Cemetery XXIII
             The Magnolia

Climb with me to the mountain top,
Breathe in clean, cold air, rest your eyes.
There is a timelessness here to feel.

Just beyond we can see tips of stones
With tales they tell. Tip toe in, they never
Care, or if they do they refuse to say.

There are other facts to hear today,
Let’s listen to the boulder tell why
It is here so far away from its like.

That Magnolia there growing so fine,
How did that seed fly so far from
Stately lawns from deep down south.

Right behind that outcrop’s shade
If I’m not wrong there will be a Jack.
Never more than one, I guess to

Keep mother from hauling it off
To fill her wildflower bed. Nature
Has a way of thwarting man’s intent.

Look close at this rock, see the shell?
Now where on this mountain did this
Rock find and keep this fish’s coat?

This hill has much to tell if we will listen,
Secrets sought by those who care are here
In more abundance than one life can know.

Plants to heal, plants for sleep, plants
To make our faces rosy. Trees with
Tales of fire, flood and ravages of man.

Here, let’s sit down, this tiny bloom needs
A friend. I don’t know its name, we will
Look it up when we get home, drink

Some tea and remember all we saw
Today high up here on this special
Hill with secrets yet to tell and all those
stones and stones and stones.